A good pension is essential to your family’s security. A good pension plan at your workplace is key to ensuring a financially-sound future.

In Canada, union-bargained pensions set the pace and the IAM is a leader. In the airline and aerospace sector, we have negotiated some of the best pension benefits in Canada – indexed pensions based on final pre-retirement earnings – pensions that guarantee workers comfort and dignity in retirement.

The IAM also runs a jointly-trusteed multi-employer pension plan that offers a secure and affordable pension option, with low administration costs. The IAM Labour-Management Pension Plan guarantees that you will get everything you’ve bargained for, with no risk of your employer using pension surplus to take contribution holidays. All surpluses stay in the fund to upgrade benefits.

For pension negotiations, the IAM provides top-flight expertise and training to deal with the complex legal and actuarial issues. If you have any pension questions, send them to