Commitment to the Future

Never before in the history of work has the workplace – indeed our entire society – undergone so many changes in such a short period of time.

To help keep members informed about the dramatic changes in an ever-evolving world, the IAM has made a commitment to the future. It’s called the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Centre at Placid Harbor. Located in southern Maryland, just 60 miles from Washington, D.C., the WWW Centre is a facility built by workers for workers!

The Centre is dedicated to meeting the complete range of educational needs of officers, stewards and members to providing an atmosphere where Union members can study and learn undisturbed by the daily pressures and demands of the workplace.

Programs at the WWW Centre cover a broad range of activities and needs. And, like our workplace and society itself, classes and educational material at Placid Harbour are ever-changing. Here are some examples of the programs we offer:

Leadership, 1, 2, 3 and Train the Trainer – the cornerstone of our education program, prepares new union officers and members to be leaders.

Specialized Programs – such as steward training, collective bargaining, grievance procedures and arbitration, and local educational methods help leaders update and sharpen skills to better serve their members.

Organizing Training – the lifeblood of the trade union movement!

Communications Skills and Techniques – so leaders and members alike can tell the Union’s story on radio, television and the print media.

Editor’s Training – to assist locals in developing and improving communications at the local and district level. This includes newsletter and website training.

Financial Officers’ Training – to provide local Financial Secretaries with the tools and skills they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

New Technology Seminars – to assist workers in preparing for the continuing onslaught of new high-tech developments.

Older Workers’ Programs – to assist local unions in helping older members prepare for rewarding retirement years.

In keeping with its primary mission. the WWW Centre staff meet regularly with officers department heads, field staff, local representatives and others to continually update and improve existing programs and to plan new ones.

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