Your Dues Dollar

For working men and women, union dues provide a high level of protection from short-sighted managers, the ups-and-downs of an uncertain economy and the vagaries of the expanding global marketplace. That modest investment pays major dividends for IAM members and their families.

“The role of the IAM is to help working men and women receive not just fair wages, good benefits and better working conditions, but a fair and just workplace,” notes Stan Pickthall, Canadian General Vice-President. “Solidarity is key to achieving those goals,” he adds.

IAM members work in diverse industries –from aircraft manufacturing plants to wood-working facilities–but all IAM members belong to an organization dedicated to guaranteeing those members a strong voice in the workplace.

Strong collective bargaining agreements and growing organizing successes added strength to the IAM’s voice over the past two years. IAM dues dollars fuelled those successes, Pickthall explained.

Union membership pays dividends in many ways. Union workers earn higher wages and better benefits. Safe and healthy workplaces, more secure employment, seniority protections and grievance and arbitration protections built into union contracts provide a higher level of job satisfaction.

“It just proves the truth of the old saying: ‘It doesn’t cost to belong, it pays,'” concluded Pickthall.

We are the IAM – Your Union, Your Future!