So that you may understand the law, here are some answers to questions about what you can and cannot do.

QUESTION: If, during lunch time or before work, I think I have a chance to sign up one of the other employees, can I sign them up on company property?
ANSWER: Yes you can. But make sure it’s on your own time.

QUESTION: Can I talk about Union matters openly with another employees at break, lunch time or before or after work?
ANSWER: Yes. Your right to free speech is protected. However, that right does not entitle you to disturb plant operations.

QUESTION: If another employee comes to me during working hours and asks me to sign him or her up in the Union, what should I do?
ANSWER: Tell them you’ll do it after work or at lunch time.

QUESTION: Are company rules controlling?
ANSWER: Yes. but when you belong to the Union , you will help to make the rules through collective bargaining.

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